Country State Published
US NY Aug 21, 2014 I sit at home and constantly cry. I can't talk to the closest person to me.
US GA Aug 16, 2014 He kept me shut in his room when people were over because I was a whore and he didn't want me around his friends.
CA BC Aug 10, 2014 I carry her with me in a different place and I want to channel her goodness and light into my life.
US CA Jan 02, 2014 It's an understatement to say that I regret my decision.
US RI Dec 07, 2013 It has helped me more than anyone knows to read these stories and know I am not alone in how I feel.
CA BC Nov 30, 2013 ... it was too late for the abortion in my country. I had to go over the border and get it done for over $3000... Untitled
US NY Nov 27, 2013 I had to get the courage deep down inside to even make a choice. Photo%20on%202013 11 26%20at%2020.07
US WI Nov 22, 2013 He immediately told me to get an abortion.
US WI Nov 22, 2013 But I know now that I should've listened to what I wanted and not what others were telling me.
US NC Nov 18, 2013 It been hard seeing my friends get pregnant and to know what brought fear and sadness to me, brings joy to them.
CA BC Nov 02, 2013 since the father is so shallow he refused to help he said that im a liar and to f**k off Hand
US CA Oct 30, 2013 I'm 19 years old, and had my second abortion about a week ago. Photo%20298
US NY Oct 28, 2013 This thing inside me was more like a monster then a blessing.
US FL Oct 28, 2013 It took him 20 minutes to come get me. He was stoned. Image
GB Oct 25, 2013 I was a Christian and did not believe in abortion.
US PA Oct 25, 2013 Since I was so early, I was able to have the medical (pill) abortion. Img 0868
US NJ Oct 24, 2013 I passed my pregnancy alone in my childhood bedroom-- Go9l2559
US MI Sep 16, 2013 The cramps were unbearable, and I had promised myself that I would never go through this again. Hands
US OK Sep 13, 2013 I got an abortion because in a weird way I wanted a better life for my child and my husband.
US TX Jul 28, 2013 The second set of pills were even worse. I felt like death and stayed in bed for days. Image
CA AB Jul 21, 2013 The process was in no way traumatic. It was in all honestly similar to the discomfort of getting a pap.
CA ON Jun 12, 2013 My boyfriend and I do not talk about it. I have not told my parents or even my sisters... Img 20130612 00698[1]
US MS Jun 01, 2013 I am SO GLAD I didn't have a baby with my boyfriend at the time (he turned out to be a total loser anyway).
US ND Mar 27, 2013 I had to go back to the clinic, but I went to a different town because I felt embarrassed that it happened again... Dsc 0022
CA SK Mar 09, 2013 I have two sons. I'm twenty years young and I've been very happy up until yesterday.
AU QLD Feb 19, 2013 I walked out to find my bf standing right where I left him three hours ago. Hands
US CA Feb 16, 2013 I love pregnancy, I love birth, I love babies, I love being a mama. But I was done. Picstitch
US TX Feb 08, 2013 Sometimes I feel like I made the right decision for my future, other times I feel guilty... Image
US CO Jan 24, 2013 I wanted the baby to be named Cody if it was a girl or guy because that was my first love. Image
US MI Jan 22, 2013 And they don't realize the pain and emotions the women go through.
CA MB Jan 14, 2013 This economy, our student debts, how were we going to cope?
US CA Jan 05, 2013 The clinician stated that she called the other local walk-in clinic for me and they would not help me either.
US IL Jan 03, 2013 I was not with the father, I was scared and alone. 20130103 155823 1%20(1)
US TX Dec 26, 2012 He took me back to my dorm where I napped on his shoulder for an hour before he drove me to my final, which I aced.
GB Nov 25, 2012 My "friend" didn't show on the morning we had arranged to meet... Imag0166
US GA Nov 08, 2012 I am writing this story about nine months to the day I got pregnant at 22 years old.
US NY Oct 26, 2012 Finally, about three weeks later, the day of my termination came.
US CA Oct 20, 2012 my rapist's DNA is my body, he is in my body, he has taken my mind and my body...
US TX Oct 19, 2012 I feel empty inside, alone and depressed.
US TX Oct 10, 2012 My girlfriend now does not know that I did this. I can't tell her... Image
US MN Sep 15, 2012 I just couldn't throw all of that away, plus it would break my father's heart.
US CA Sep 09, 2012 What I'm feeling right now could be best described as "alchemical." I now have a secret that has forever transformed me.
US VA Sep 09, 2012 Just recently we decided that our family was complete and had begun to contemplate what we would do with the frozen embryos.
US NY Sep 05, 2012 It has been the hardest and saddest time of my life.
US NY Aug 28, 2012 My son, my boyfriend, and I shared one room. We struggled.
US GA Aug 15, 2012 As many times as I've gone through this... it never gets any easier. Imag1019
US NE Aug 15, 2012 He is very against abortion and that is the reason we’re not together anymore.
US AL Aug 09, 2012 As ashamed as I am to say it, I have had three abortions and am contemplating one at this very moment. Arcsoft image106
US CA Aug 06, 2012 I have to separate the heartbreak from the loss of my relationship from the loss of the possible life we created. Screen%20shot%202012 08 06%20at%2012.24.46%20pm
US NY Jul 20, 2012 A week later, I was sitting in Planned Parenthood with my Catholic, pro-life best friend and ex-boyfriend. Hand edit
US NY Jul 12, 2012 They couldn't fit an appointment in beforehand, so I had to go to Europe almost three months pregnant without telling a soul.
US OR Jul 08, 2012 Then, when pregnant with the babies I wanted, they were now BABIES!!!!
US CA Jul 07, 2012 i always believed that abortion was a sin and that it was murder and anyone who had one was going to hell. Picsart 1341624761665
US CA Jul 06, 2012 My emotional reactions didn't match his actions at all.
US CA Jun 23, 2012 My mom came up with a plan that she would send me the money for an abortion.
GB Jun 10, 2012 Although it hurt (like strong period pain cramps in your sides), it was over within about half an hour...
US CA Jun 04, 2012 The procedure itself was the best I could hope for. Hands
US CA May 24, 2012 You'd be happy to know that I'm going to therapy, and it was my therapist's idea to name you and write this letter to you.
US VA May 22, 2012 I had never felt so young and so old at the same time.
ZA May 21, 2012 Last night was one of those. The ones where my mind just can't seem to stop running. Dsc00968%20 %20copy
US IL May 06, 2012 After my third child, I told my husband I really wanted one more.
US TX May 01, 2012 It seemed that abortion was something that one did as alone as possible...
CA ON Apr 20, 2012 I kept my mouth shut and held all my pain in. Cambridge 20120420 00518
CA AB Apr 09, 2012 I have to keep in mind that I have my three beautiful children and they need their happy mom back. It's still so fresh right now though.
US AL Apr 04, 2012 I felt ashamed and dirty. Thumbnailcamspo6t
US CA Apr 01, 2012 The whole thing was very direct, very simple.
US OH Mar 25, 2012 I still have flashbacks, and every time I think about the experience, I feel a huge lump in my throat and my eyes well up. I was 22 weeks.
US UT Mar 01, 2012 I had a suspicion this was going to really hurt. 74148 176096912405442 100000154033207 687964 4901605 n
US KS Feb 05, 2012 The term “rape” was definitely not a word I used often; I don’t think I even knew what it meant at the time. Hands
US AL Feb 02, 2012 i was very grateful for the choice to terminate... it was 1971...
US MI Jan 23, 2012 After my ultrasound, I was pulled in by a counselor who told me I wasn’t 12 weeks pregnant. I was actually 15 weeks and 4 days. 100 4509 picnik
US NV Jan 20, 2012 The poor nurse didn’t know what to do. She asked if I knew I had options, if this was unplanned, and I told her I didn’t believe in abortion.
US Jan 18, 2012 After the abortion, I sold every piece of clothing I owned. I quit smoking. I quit my job.
US CA Jan 12, 2012 I woke up at 3 AM this morning, even though I didn't have to get ready until 7. We arrived at the clinic forty-five minutes early for my appointment.
US GA Jan 07, 2012 I was 19 years old, and I had been with my bf for a bit less than a year and a half. Photo%20on%201 7 12%20at%2012.43%20am%20%232
US AZ Jan 06, 2012 How do I tell people I'd do it again? That's the hard part. Img 1387
US TX Dec 18, 2011 That's my story: My Abortion, My Life; no opinions needed.
US RI Dec 02, 2011 At 1:00 I'll take anti-nausea medication. At 1:30 I'll take the pills that open my cervix and cause my uterus to contract. 521858485 b7e86fda48
US FL Dec 01, 2011 I'm an athlete, popular, intelligent and really nice to everybody and everything.
US CA Nov 03, 2011 The weeks leading up the abortion were a rollercoaster. I had the abortion a month after I found that I was pregnant.
IE Oct 11, 2011 It cost us 1000euro between the abortion, flights and hotel.
CA Oct 03, 2011 He called me three times that day, and left voicemails like "I think I deserve to get a phone call back from you, since you're carrying our child." Crazy.
US MS Sep 14, 2011 The mood in this room was completely different. Girls smiled. The weight of it all was gone. The air was visibly lighter.
US MO Sep 10, 2011 I was so grateful that we came to the same conclusion and that I would have his unwavering support during such a terrifying time for us. 512
US MD Sep 09, 2011 An abortion had always been out of the question for me.
US WA Aug 26, 2011 I already have a four year old son and I knew I loved being a mom.
US WA Aug 11, 2011 I only spent 63 days with you. 509
US NY Aug 10, 2011 My boyfriend at the time was into smoking pot everyday and drinking; I didn't want my child to have a father like that.
US OH Jul 12, 2011 Yes, the scars are still there. The pain, regret and guilt haven't gone away completely. 507
US ND Jun 30, 2011 Being a single mom of twins is all I can handle. I know my limits, and now I know how strong I can be.
US CA Jun 18, 2011 I am twenty one years old, and I chose to take the abortion pill in January 2011.
US GA Jun 10, 2011 I had been dating him for three months when I became pregnant, while in medical school.
US IL Jun 02, 2011 My mom immediately made an appointment for an abortion. 503
US May 11, 2011 I kept getting fevers and cramps below the bottom of my stomach, which is a red flag for pregnant women because it could mean you could be having a miscarriage.
US OH Apr 26, 2011 I chatted with the doctor and surgical assistant the entire time, and didn't think about what was happening. 501
US WI Apr 15, 2011 I didn't want him to be the father. I didn't want to deal with him for the rest of my life.
US OR Apr 04, 2011 15 minutes after I took the pill, I started cramping really bad. I locked myself in my room and eventually fell asleep. 499
US CA Mar 26, 2011 We drove up to the abortion clinic: a small log cabin in NY state. There was no ultrasound then. It was late December, 1972.
US MN Jan 16, 2011 They ain't kidding when they talk of young girls being naive, because I was that girl.
US MN Jan 07, 2011 I had to stand in front of a judge with several other girls and tell him why I didn't want to tell my mom about the procedure.
US FL Jan 04, 2011 So anyway, I cried pleading with my son's father the entire way to the clinic
CA Jan 02, 2011 Bee Day is a day in which I celebrate the memory of my child.
US CO Dec 30, 2010 I felt alone and scared and had nobody to support me or care about what I wanted... 493
US FL Dec 29, 2010 He was late picking me up at the clinic after the procedure (3.5 hours to be exact) and it was pouring rain. I cried.
US Dec 29, 2010 I was pregnant, I was 14, I was embarrassed, disappointed, ashamed and scared. My dad was the most disappointed. I'll never forget the day he called me a murderer.
US MD Dec 29, 2010 Good thing they had a payment plan because my insurance company wouldn't cover it unless I had a rape kit done and pressed charges or attempted to press charges against my accuser.
US MD Dec 29, 2010 Going to Planned Parenthood I felt scared, nervous, and very unsure. 489
US CO Dec 28, 2010 I feared I would experience deep regret for my abortions once I had my son. 488
US TX Dec 27, 2010 I was seven weeks pregnant when I had my abortion. Afterward, I felt relieved.
US KY Dec 03, 2010 I don't blame her, and never did, for this atmosphere of shame and degradation that surrounded the procedure.
US CA Dec 02, 2010 He showed so much love and commitment to me, but the minute I got pregnant, I felt he no longer respected me. 485
US NY Nov 30, 2010 I remember the tears rolling down my face into my ears. 484
US PA Nov 16, 2010 I'm somewhere between the unreal and real.
US OH Nov 11, 2010 I am a woman who had three abortions in my 20s. I was a child of the sixties and young woman of the seventies...
US FL Nov 10, 2010 It's been about a week. I'm still bleeding, cramping, and I'm still sad. 481
US WI Nov 10, 2010 I was almost six weeks along. It was and is the right decision for me. 480
US FL Nov 03, 2010 It was short, uncomfortable, made me cramp up instantly. But it was over before I realized it.
US NM Nov 01, 2010 My ex boyfriend told me the truth when I told him I was pregnant. He told me he does not love me any more and can't be there for me.
US ND Sep 16, 2010 I keep telling myself that tomorrow is a new day. I just feel sickness and relief all at the same time.
US MD Sep 08, 2010 When this beautiful butterfly landed on me, I knew I was already pregnant. I had found out the 5th of September at 5am.
US WA Aug 27, 2010 Five months later, I see that I made my decision too quickly. I see now that I was only thinking of the father. 475
US IN Aug 19, 2010 We both pretended everything was perfectly fine. Then I started feeling very depressed and alone.
US PA Aug 18, 2010 We called Planned Parenthood and set up an appointment for a medical abortion. 473
US CA Aug 07, 2010 I am an active member of my church. I try every day to live in the way that God envisions my life.
US LA May 27, 2010 I was 8.5 weeks. I had a surgical yesterday.
US MN May 15, 2010 I’ve found myself FULL of rage. 470
US FL Apr 23, 2010 Everything looked normal until I went in for my 12 week ultrasound.
US NY Apr 11, 2010 you asked for life
US FL Apr 10, 2010 I know that our baby couldn't guarantee anything between him and me.
US MN Apr 10, 2010 No place closer performed abortions at that late a date. Also, it would be about $2500. 465
US OH Mar 23, 2010 As I got to the clinic and stepped out of the car, a protester shouted, "Jesus will never forgive you," and that hurt because, yes, it's terrible, and no, I don't believe I'll never be forgiven...
US CA Mar 10, 2010 I previously believed that people who accidentally got pregnant were careless and irresponsible. 463
US WI Mar 03, 2010 I am not embarrassed by it, I just cannot stand being judged when I tell others about it.
US GA Feb 27, 2010 I just cried hysterically for what might have been, for what should have been.
US WA Feb 25, 2010 About two weeks after getting the restraining order against him, my roommate looked at me and said, "You look pregnant."
US IL Feb 22, 2010 I'm a single mom now. My kids are two and a half and three and a half.
US NY Feb 21, 2010 They put me in a jail cell with a box of Kotex. I used them for a pillow. 458
US TX Feb 20, 2010 I was so grateful that RU486 was legal because the abortion itself, while emotional, was dignified and safe.
US NJ Jan 19, 2010 ...the medical process was painful... the first night from 10pm to 6am I was in the bathroom every five minutes...
US MD Jan 16, 2010 When I was 14 years old, I was raped by three men. 453
US NY Jan 14, 2010 Both of our families were very conservative, Catholic, and we felt that we couldn't tell them.
US KY Dec 31, 2009 I've had two abortions and am contemplating a third.
US MD Dec 09, 2009 I'm more depressed now and I have such a deep secret in me, it's hard to live with.
GB Nov 17, 2009 As it was early on in the pregnancy, I was going to have a medical abortion which I felt more relaxed about.
US VA Nov 02, 2009 I'm confused because I don't know why I didn't stop him. I don't know who to blame.
US FL Oct 22, 2009 I had to go to the juvenile courthouse to get a waiver that would allow me to get the abortion without my parents' consent.
US NY Oct 04, 2009 I have absolutely no regrets and do not feel bad about it on any level.
US VA Sep 27, 2009 The night before I read him a letter I wrote to the baby. I still have the letter. I torture myself and read it often.
US CA Sep 26, 2009 I had blood taken, had a vaginal ultrasound, and finally went to see a counselor who explained everything I needed to know about taking the pills.
US MD Sep 21, 2009 In August I took another test and saw those evil red lines. I was upset that I put myself in this same situation in less than a year.
US LA Sep 17, 2009 I'm not having this done because I hate life or I hate my child, and I get so tired of people judging the women that have to make this decision.
US NC Sep 06, 2009 Only at my persistent requests did the sonographer allow me to see my baby in my womb.
NO Aug 19, 2009 I told him I wanted a paternity test -- I thought if I knew who the father was, it would help me make the decision.
US NY Aug 10, 2009 I have two kids already and was going through a horrible divorce. 439
US CO Aug 10, 2009 The nurse recognized my last name, and, against the clinic rules, called my dad. He came and picked me up from school, drove me to my mom's office, and made me tell her right there.
CA Aug 10, 2009 The act of terminating the pregnancy was not difficult, but dealing with other people was. 437
US CA Aug 08, 2009 I met a soldier who came home on leave from Iraq and fell in love with him.
CA Jul 29, 2009 My fiance came with me for every part of it, even the procedure, which was the most painful thing I've ever felt. I sat in recovery for a while, not wanting to leave... I don't know why.
US IL Jul 27, 2009 I feel like I SHOULD be thinking or feeling something, and I feel more guilt over my lack of emotion than I do over the abortion itself.
US MA Jul 24, 2009 I do not feel ashamed. I don't feel like a bad person and I don't feel like a whore.
US FL Jul 03, 2009 By then I was 20 weeks-- time was running out. 432
US TX Jun 30, 2009 In the end, James left me and I had to find out from myspace that the real reason he had wanted an abortion was so that he could keep dating this other girl.
US NC Jun 08, 2009 I saw the Bojangles cup sitting there and wondered how many times a day she filled it up and what she was drinking. It took only a minute or two, and then back out to the rows of chairs.
US FL May 19, 2009 I was told by a doctor that it was very unlikely that I could get pregnant without fertility treatments. 429
CA May 12, 2009 I kept my pregnancy a secret from my parents until I was fourteen weeks pregnant...
US CA May 02, 2009 After the abortion, I felt guilt, grief, and regret. I come from a strong Christian background, which made me feel worse.
US DC Apr 14, 2009 I handled the abortion myself.
US MA Mar 27, 2009 I was on the pill; he was on HRT, and I was supposed to be infertile (thanks a lot, gyno). 423
US NY Feb 20, 2009 I felt much safer thinking about having it done here and also knowing the name of the doctor and having had the opportunity to talk to him and ask questions.
US VA Feb 18, 2009 Pregnant. My heart sunk so far into my stomach, I thought I was going to be sick.
CA Feb 17, 2009 I had an abortion when I was 14. It was the best thing I could possibly have done, and I still don't regret it to this day. 420
US ID Feb 10, 2009 I know that the choice I made was right-- right for me, right for him, and right for the baby. But still, this anger!
US ME Feb 04, 2009 I feel relief. I feel pride in myself for making this decision and sticking to it, knowing it was the right one.
US WY Jan 31, 2009 While experiencing an unwanted pregnancy has caused to me to relate to the issue differently, it has not challenged my core view, voiced by Margaret Sanger, that every child should be a wanted child.
US CA Jan 29, 2009 My only reason for getting the abortion really boils down to the fact that I did not want to be inconvenienced at that time in my life or interrupt the lifestyle I was leading. That is very hard for me to admit. \n
US NJ Jan 26, 2009 I started have panic attacks, believing that somehow everyone I met knew what I had done.
US CA Jan 11, 2009 I carried this pain with me for the past 27 years.
US CA Jan 05, 2009 I am about to have my third abortion.
US MI Dec 23, 2008 I could afford to pay for the procedure, and as for the deadbeat father who said he would pay, he did not and didn't take me to the clinic either. I no longer cared, as I had nothing else to do with him.
CA Dec 20, 2008 Since I had belonged to a very repressive church, I believed this was yet again more proof of my evil nature.
US IN Dec 15, 2008 Then once that was done they let my mom come in the room which was NOT who I wanted. I wanted my boyfriend to just hold me. \n
US OR Dec 14, 2008 Silence and stillness wrap around my days. 409
US NY Dec 07, 2008 I'm not as irresponsible as you think. 408
US AZ Nov 20, 2008 I feel that I have completely marred the person of good character that I worked so hard to be.
US NY Nov 15, 2008 I kept rubbing my stomach, but of course the baby couldn't feel it. The second day was a blur.
US IN Oct 24, 2008 We took a big step and chose our love over our parents' beliefs.
US CA Oct 23, 2008 I am with a new guy who knows nothing of this. I don’t think I could ever tell him, or anyone else for that matter. 404
US CA Oct 22, 2008 I put my trust into a place that advertised safe and dignified abortion services. I was treated like cattle, I was humiliated, and my privacy during this immensely difficult time was gone.
US CA Oct 22, 2008 He looked at me and started crying as well and held me. "I'm so sorry, honey," he told me.
US IL Oct 03, 2008 When I got home, my parents told me that if I wanted to keep it I would have to move out because they couldn't help me. 401
CA Sep 10, 2008 It's over. And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
US MN Aug 19, 2008 It was 1973 and abortion was a new thing where I lived.
US IL Aug 13, 2008 ...after I turned 40, I quit using birth control because I was so sure I couldn't get pregnant. It worked for three years, and then I got pregnant.
CA Jul 29, 2008 Deciding to have an abortion, for myself and by myself, was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. 397
US IN Jul 24, 2008 After all, if these brave women could go through this when it was so much harder, what really do I have to worry about in the long run?
US MA Jul 16, 2008 My boyfriend and I talked it over and he left the decision in my hands. He said he would support me either way, which was a great help.
US MN May 29, 2008 I was 20 weeks and two days pregnant the day of my abortion.
US MT May 24, 2008 Today I took the first abortion pill. Tomorrow, at 3:00, I will have taken the last four pills to end my pregnancy. 393
US CA May 23, 2008 I can't have another abortion! But I'm not ready for a baby. He's not ready for a baby. I can't have another abortion!
US IL May 20, 2008 As long as he was supportive and friendly, I was willing and wanting to have the baby...
US NM May 14, 2008 I’m not religious, but I am very spiritual. I believe in a goddess and I hope she will forgive me.
US MI May 14, 2008 Both abortion and adoption appealed to me.
US CA May 13, 2008 I believe I made the right choice. I remember my situation. I remember my choice. I give thanks to God that I had a choice!
US CA Apr 18, 2008 I called my boyfriend and I was hysterical. "You have to come home RIGHT NOW!," I screamed, "I can't do this all by myself, I need you!" But he didn't come.
US TX Apr 11, 2008 I have one beautiful daughter, have had three miscarriages, and three previous abortions. 386
US Mar 31, 2008 I don't know how to drive... I'm not in college yet. I only have a part time job.
US TX Mar 20, 2008 I came back to my dorm room, cried, prayed and basically went on with my life.
US OK Mar 15, 2008 Not until afterwards did I become angry that he did not express a clear opinion... 383
CA Mar 11, 2008 I promised I would NEVER do that again. But here I am. I am pregnant.
US CO Feb 20, 2008 I was raised Catholic and had always been pro-life, but as soon as I found myself in that position, everything changed.
US NC Feb 09, 2008 I was so stressed that I started bleeding.
US AZ Jan 20, 2008 After it was all over, I came out with a renewed sense of power, which I still have to this day.
US MD Jan 01, 2008 At the age of 35 I had grown up a lot and had been dating a wonderful man for about three months while working towards my PhD. The very first time we had sex it happened.
US WV Dec 23, 2007 One of the main reasons for my decision, well, our decision, was the simple fact that "my baby's daddy" didn't want the child, me, or just anything to do with us in general.
US OR Dec 16, 2007 In the country where I was living, abortion was illegal and punishable by 10 years in prison. 376
US OR Dec 13, 2007 It's only been two days, and I'm sure these feelings will pass, but more than anything, I was surprised at having any emotional reaction at all.
US CA Dec 13, 2007 I was 14 when I found out I was pregnant
CA Dec 08, 2007 I asked EVERYONE what I should do and I always got the same answer... "You do what you think is right for you."
US NH Dec 03, 2007 It all happened at probably the worst time I could have imagined, weeks before I was to leave for college. I had proven myself to be a level-headed, intelligent, and responsible young woman...
US TX Dec 03, 2007 the rejection was so sad for me and I based my decision on that. I was also so far away from home and I had no network of caring people.
US CA Dec 02, 2007 Under the spell of our magical love making one last big idea germinated in my diluted mind. I wanted to have his baby.
US NY Nov 30, 2007 I have not regretted my experience. I am in fact proud that I made a good choice for myself and my family.
US CA Nov 28, 2007 I got pregnant at 15...
US VA Nov 17, 2007 My baby's father hated me. My mother couldn't look me in the face.
US NY Nov 04, 2007 I was never sure. My fiance and I went back and forth for weeks... 366
US PA Oct 26, 2007 Afterwards I felt relieved to not be pregnant, not have to face my parents, and to have the opportunity to continue my childhood into adulthood without the regret of burdening my grandmother with another mouth to feed.
US AK Oct 15, 2007 If I kept the baby, it meant leaving him... I loved him, but I knew I already loved this baby. I felt trapped.
US NY Oct 14, 2007 I am 34, I am a full time student, I will have a Doctorate in a few years, but it was so hard, so hard
US MA Sep 27, 2007 I was raised Catholic but wasn't from a really religious family. I wanted forgiveness though.
US WI Sep 24, 2007 My parents didn’t have time to raise a baby, but there was no way I was getting an abortion. But, as the days passed we decided that it would be best.
US MA Jun 29, 2007 I am pregnant with a married man’s baby and his wife is seven months pregnant. Oh my god.
GB Jun 22, 2007 I now have two lovely kids, but I still think of the baby that I aborted and I light a candle every year.
GB Jun 19, 2007 Did I want my baby? Did I want to chase him for money and have a constant reminder of my heartache? Did I want to struggle as a single parent?
US AZ Jun 04, 2007 I alternated between wanting to keep the baby and feeling so horribly sick that I didn't want it.
US NM May 20, 2007 When I became pregant again, I was so crazy... I just said, I will have an abortion.
US CA May 20, 2007 We had our problems, as everyone does, but we were your typical high school couple... 347
US PA May 18, 2007 I wrote this two weeks after my abortion, on New Years Eve 2006. Now, in May of 2007, my thoughts have changed some. 345
US PA Apr 19, 2007 I had used drugs after we conceived, in the very critical first stages of the first trimester. And when [the doctor] looked at the screen, he said, "Oh, there's not one, but two."
US CA Apr 16, 2007 I called my mom and told her that I would get the abortion if she would let me come home. 340
CA Apr 05, 2007 I went to a women’s clinic; they were so supportive and kind...
US MA Apr 03, 2007 I was in hysterics-- what the hell was I going to do? A baby can't raise a BABY!
US OR Apr 02, 2007 I have chosen my life, and maybe that is selfish... but maybe it is one of the most powerful gifts to myself as well.
US KS Apr 02, 2007 I've had two abortions. I never expected to have one, but then two...
US TN Apr 01, 2007 The doctor gives me something to calm my nerves but it doesn’t help the screaming inside my head. 335
US KS Mar 30, 2007 I felt guilty for a few years about making this decision, but now I am okay with it. I was not in an emotional or financial situation to parent that child...
US NJ Mar 16, 2007 He told me I would be responsible for screwing up his life and that he would kill himself if I had the baby.
US TX Mar 15, 2007 I haven't told anyone in person, but I am not ashamed. I am just scared of the people who want me to be ashamed. 332
US TN Mar 15, 2007 I paid the $300.00 and signed the forms. Those damn yellow forms!!! I waited for my name to be called and have never been more scared in my life.
US GA Mar 12, 2007 I'm so ashamed and I can't help but feel like I've done one of the worst things in the world and I'm going to get punished for it.
CA Mar 07, 2007 The procedure was clinical and I was told to put it all behind me. But I still think of that child 25 years later...
CA Feb 28, 2007 My first pregnancy, starting a family, even the start of this relationship, were all suppose to be different. But I guess that's life, and sometimes life is hard...
CA Feb 18, 2007 One year ago today, I had my second abortion. It wasn't until these past few months that I have been able to have the time to reflect on our decision...
US MD Feb 06, 2007 Within two months of the start of the rapes, I was pregnant.
US MD Feb 03, 2007 I decided to hate the world that didn't support me...
US NC Jan 25, 2007 Age 32 felt like a good time to have a child, so when I discovered myself pregnant I was excited. He wasn't... 321
US WA Jan 22, 2007 I didn't want to leave the clinic because they were the only people who knew I had an abortion and weren't afraid to talk about it. I felt safer there.
US MA Jan 19, 2007 I knew I had to get the abortion because I was not sure who was the father.
US MI Jan 16, 2007 I am a mother to three young daughters...I could see no way for our family to survive another child with my husband feeling as strongly as he did.
US GA Jan 16, 2007 I was still working on grad school applications and he was still doing his undergrad work, and we were pregnant.
US ME Jan 15, 2007 I protected myself and my future. 312
US NY Jan 11, 2007 The acceptance and the love that came in return of my admission-- that her baby girl had had sex and was pregnant-- was incredible and invaluable.
US MA Jan 11, 2007 I didn't ignore morning sickness, because I didn't have any. I didn't ignore missed periods because I didn't miss them. But I got pregnant. Very pregnant.
US NH Jan 01, 2007 There's no way our baby could be supported like a child should. A 15 year old mother and a 16 year old father... What kind of life would that be?
US NJ Jan 01, 2007 I am 17 years old and I have had two abortions.
US CO Dec 27, 2006 The decision was mine to make alone; the pain, the emptiness and the sadness are mine alone.
US WI Dec 10, 2006 When they told me I was twelve weeks and two days, I felt cold. I did not even have a clue I was that far.
US NC Dec 07, 2006 We both come from really good families, we are both Christians, we want to be together, we love each other... why could we not have a baby?
US WA Dec 03, 2006 I believe that I had a baby inside me and I chose myself and my current children over that baby. 295
US CA Dec 02, 2006 Our attempt at the rhythm method of birth control had failed, and I knew it instantly.
US FL Nov 27, 2006 I wanted to be a mother so badly, but I was totally unprepared for it.
US SD Nov 21, 2006 He already has a child with a girl from back home...How could he want that child and not mine?
US IL Nov 12, 2006 I am proud of my decision and I know I did the right thing.
US WA Oct 07, 2006 I do not remember a time when I wasn't pro-life.
US IA Sep 05, 2006 I am still pro-choice but believe I made a decision based more on pressure and anger than anything else.
US GA Sep 05, 2006 I would not want a child to suffer because of my mistakes.
US IA Sep 03, 2006 I went to court so my mom wouldn't find out.
US IL Aug 30, 2006 His parents ended up threatening to kick him out of their house if we didn't get an abortion. And with that being said, I went against my will and decided to go through with it, for his sake.
US CA Aug 23, 2006 I thought some type of maternal instinct should have kicked in and made me go through with this pregnancy. But I didn't feel that for the baby... I only felt it in principle.
US NY Aug 10, 2006 I returned to Jamaica and discovered that abortions were illegal without the consent of a husband and a doctor who could prove that birth control had failed.
US IL Aug 07, 2006 I got pregnant at the tender age of fifteen by a middle aged man that lied to impregnate me.
US MA Aug 07, 2006 The father of the baby was my amazing boyfriend and, like all high school sweethearts, we planned to spend our lives together. I knew, however, what my heart and mind were telling me.
US TX Jul 15, 2006 Even though I was emotional, I never cried because I had an abortion...It wasn't until now, 6 years later, that I have begun to think about it...
US VT Jul 08, 2006 I want to keep talking about it. It has created a mark I wear with pride, strength and sadness.
US MS Jul 01, 2006 I can only ask for forgiveness, ask God for strength and wisdom.
US CA Jun 27, 2006 I have lived hurting and hating him for making me lock it up inside. I needed to talk about it, and he wouldn't have any of it.
US NY Jun 26, 2006 I felt like my choices and the affair had been terribly exposed. 197
US OH Jun 06, 2006 My decision was neither difficult nor agonizing.
US NY Jun 05, 2006 I had two little kids and was having a love affair, which was my escape from a tormented marriage. 162
US NY Jun 04, 2006 When I walked to the bathroom, my toe tore a hole in the front of one [paper] slipper. That embarrassed me a little. 161
US IN Jun 04, 2006 I don't regret it, but I regret telling him never to speak about it.
US FL Jan 01, 2006 I didn’t ever press charges because I just knew it would be a big ordeal, and I didn’t want my parents to find out about it.
US AR Jan 01, 2006 I wish I had "a story" but sadly I have three.
US NY Jan 01, 2006 We were sitting around watching soap operas and the movie “Pretty Woman.” 39
GB Jan 01, 2006 On the 3rd of February, I went to the abortion clinic in Southern England. I was terrified. But I knew it was the right choice. What sort of life could I give a child at 16?
US MO Jan 01, 2006 Throughout the course of my life, I've had four abortions.
US OR Jan 01, 2006 It was easy to get caught up in my anger at him. It was easier than thinking about the abortion and how painful that experience was.
US CT Jan 01, 2006 I just had to make a decision. All I knew is that I was indecisive. 58
IE Jan 01, 2006 Abortion is illegal in Ireland, which compounds the feelings of criminality.
US NY Jan 01, 2006 It goes back to when I was married... around 1945... It was not legal. It was a secret. 37
US AZ Jan 01, 2006 My abortion was actually quite empowering, and I know how that might sound to some people. 36
US CA Jan 01, 2006 There was no room for me to say, "Hey I'm really going through a tough time because of this." 34
US CA Jan 01, 2006 I was 23 years old. I could barely afford to feed myself.
US KS Jan 01, 2006 I had just gotten out of high school. I didn't have a job. I didn't have a car. I had basically nothing but myself.
US CA Jan 01, 2006 Eight months later, I suddenly had this resurgence of emotion. 28
US NY Jan 01, 2006 This was in 1962... The doctor said he would do it, that he wanted the money, and that I had to come back alone. 27
CU Jan 01, 2006 I had three abortions at different times in my life. I guess my approach to each of them had been totally different. 26
US MA Jan 01, 2006 It was very clear to me that I wanted to do this on my own. I didn't want anyone to influence my decision or be involved. 12
US CT Jan 01, 2005 It was the one time in my life that he'd ever let me down so badly. 11
US NY Jan 01, 2005 I never thought that's the kind of decision I would ever have to make because I'm responsible, I come from a good family. 10
US NJ Jan 01, 2005 He was like, I am not going to be a father. I am not going to help you. I am not going to give you money. 24
US NY Jan 01, 2005 I mean, I love babies. I want babies. 23
US MA Jan 01, 2005 As a mother, looking back, I think about these things. 22
US MD Jan 01, 2005 We were using condoms and I was on birth control, so it was like a complete anomaly. 9
US CO Jan 01, 2005 It happened while I was in South Africa at an artist residency in Cape Town. 21
US WA Jan 01, 2005 I had the first procedure when I was 19 years old. I already had one child-- my daughter was 8 months old. 20
GB Jan 01, 2005 I feel more personally pro-life but more politically pro-choice than I could have ever possibly imagined. 19
US MS Jan 01, 2005 There are always rumors of girls who had money that were able to get doctors to perform them at home. 18
US PA Jan 01, 2005 I know that my boyfriend was much more upset by the whole thing. 16
US WA Jan 01, 2005 I had to pass it off as a miscarriage because of my fiance’s reaction... 35
US MO Jan 01, 2005 We were to meet a driver at the New Yorker Hotel. The mystery man arrived and put us in a car. 15
US MA Jan 01, 2005 I totally don’t talk about—I think there’s an association that you’re a floozy or irresponsible. 32
US NJ Jan 01, 2005 It was a huge thing for me to realize that grief doesn't equal regret. 14
US DC Jan 01, 2005 After 20 humiliating minutes, the judge approved my abortion... 13
US OR Jan 01, 2005 It's not something I'm embarrassed about. I just wish it were something that people could talk about more freely. 8